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Ready to shoot? Great! All you need to do is send me an email and let me know. We'll find a day and time that works best around school, nap-time, and all the other things in your schedule. If you'd like to chat about wardrobe or the specifics of your pictures we can do that over phone or email. You'll pay a deposit online to hold your spot. If your kiddo comes down with a cold or is just having a particularly rough week, let me know and we can reschedule. I'd rather wait for a better day then send you a gallery of grumpy pictures! (although I find one or two are always a good addition)


After you leave I get to work sorting through the images and picking out the absolute best ones. I edit them in both color and black & white and do any necessary retouching (Any retouching is minimal... I like to keep your kids as they are) You'll receive an email with your online gallery within 3 weeks following the session. And most importantly, you can forward a secure link to Grandma and Grandpa.

The Shoot

Once you arrive at the studio, the flow of the session all depends on your little one! Some kids walk in ready to go, in which case we don't waste any time. Others need a a few minutes (or 30) to warm up to me, the space, or the camera, in which case we might hang out for a bit, eat some goldfish, and chat about their favorite animals. There are no time limits set on the shoot, although once your child is ready I try to work somewhat quickly to make sure I catch as much as I can before exhaustion sets in and a tantrum strikes. If you know what to do to get that perfect reaction out of your child and want to participate in the shoot, you are welcome to! Otherwise, feel free to have a cup of coffee and just hang out while we do our thing! 




What covid precautions are you taking?

I am fully vaccinated for covid, including a booster (and while we're at it, I am also up on my tdap and annual flu vaccine). I have hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes on hand here at the studio and make sure to disinfect high-touch surfaces before each client arrives. I also have a fairly lax rescheduling policy and encourage any family that has been exposed to covid or is potentially showing symptoms to reschedule for a later date. 


What should my child wear?

Upon booking I will send you a welcome guide which includes wardrobe advice and any other info you might need to prepare for the session.


How long will it take to get my images back?

You will receive an online gallery of your images within 3 weeks following your session


How long will the session last?

This completely depends on your kid(s). Of course the more children you have the longer it will take, but the odds of us going past an hour and a half are slim. Often  toddlers are only good for about 30 minutes before they start to really wear down. Whether it takes 30 minutes or 90  I'll make sure you don't leave until we have more than enough excellent images. 


Do you photograph newborns?

I am in the process of adding this service. If you have a newborn or are currently expecting, please email me to inquire. 

I have more questions...

Email me!

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