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Picture Day


Interested in providing something new and unexpected to your school's families for picture day this year? I would love to come to your school and photograph your students in the same style you see here on my website. 

Available for infant classes through 2nd grade.
Fall 2023 is fully booked. Spots are available January - August 2024

A bit of info....

Picture day sessions are free for the school, and parents can wait until they view the images to decide if they would like to purchase. Orders are made online and sent directly to the families' homes - no more handling order forms or passing out print packages.


Packages start at $40 and include digital and print options. Individual prints start at $6. 


All images will be made available to the school for their own use (maybe a fun project, a yearbook, etc.)

I have experience photographing in-home daycares with 8 students, larger preschools with over 200 students, and everything in between.


The amount of time I spend photographing each child is about 4-8 minutes each and typically results in 20-40 final images per child.


Sibling pictures may be taken upon request.


I am fully vaccinated for Covid-19, T-dap, and chicken pox, and receive my yearly flu shot as soon as it is available. I will gladly follow all Covid-19 precautions in place at your school.

Want to learn more or set up a picture day at your school?

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